April 30, 2007, 6:18 pm
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Six months pregnant has never looked so beautiful!

Keri Russell proves that pregnant women really do have a natural glow at last night’s Tribeca Film Festival premiere of ‘Waitress’ in New York City.

Only a girl as beauitful as Felicity can pull off that shower curtain of a dress. Do not try this at home.


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She looks radiant! Might be a ton of make-up but I’d prefer to believe it’s not.

Comment by Nineveh

When I was a teenager I saw her on this show called Malibu Shores or something and i was literally blown away by her beauty. I thought she was the most beautiful girl I’d ever seen. She looks the best with curly hair, IMO.

Comment by Ice Queen

She looks AMAZING!!

Comment by brittany

Ice Queen…I agree. She is stunningly beautiful & I like her best with the curls.

Comment by spinner

she looks beautiful

Comment by B

Ice Queen, for once we agree… absolutely stunning… better with curls.. curly girlies need to represent!!!

Comment by only.1.without.herpes

I never understood her appeal and still don’t.

Comment by Dee Bee

I have ALWAYS thought Keri Russell to be the most beautiful woman in the world! No one even comes close!!!!!

Comment by Kelly

Ahh beautiful. Maybe she’s having a girl?

Comment by Shoe_freak

Dee Bee i’m the same! And i don’t think she looks that great here- maybe if she wore less make up?

Comment by SAS

she doesnt even look pregnant to me

Comment by Anonymous

She looks very pretty, she’s glowing. I love that on pregnant women.

Comment by Agustina

the cutest “no bimbo” actress

Comment by THE DEVIL

Is she the one who’s married to McSteamy? If she is, they should have a pretty baby!!

Comment by The Beautiful One

I also like her best with curls. Her natural hair is gorgeous, so it’s a bit of a waste to just make it look like everyone else’s. I can’t blame her though, I get a lot more looks when I wear mine straight too!

Comment by Truly

She looks old as hell!

Comment by hotbitch

i actually never thought she was pretty with curls. she looks soooooo much better now! so radiant!

Comment by sigh

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