April 30, 2007, 2:22 pm
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Druggies united!

Britney Spears and her one-time rehab fling Howie Day hooked up last night for an evening of hard late-night partying — sans the drugs and booze, of course.

‘Brit and Howie met up at The Bridge, one of Britney’s favorite restaurants and then drove by nightclubs Element, Les Deux, and Parc before stopping at Teddy’s.

The handsome couple went inside and did who knows what and then went back to Brit’s house (with Howie at the wheel of Britney’s Mercedes) and did who knows what!? Our photogs were there until 5 am and Howie still hadn’t left …’

Uh-oh…..Britney has clearly not learned a thing from rehab. Everyone knows rehab relationships are enablers in the making. This is not good news.



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her head looks cute here! WOW!

But of course, she had to fuck up her outfit…..the BOOTS again……of course.

Comment by parissucksliterally

she looks really cute here 🙂

Comment by kali

She looks happy and good here..
PSL:If she wants to wear these boots then let her wear them!I don’t like them too but if she likes them she can wear them.That’s my opsion.

Comment by Amanda

you mean you don’t like them EITHER, not “too”.

I don’t care that she wears things more than once, but they are so fucking ugly, and she has no taste whatsoever.

Comment by parissucksliterally

they are some fugly boots! if you’re out to have your every move photographed, at least look decent!

Comment by dottcomm1

Whenever I look at her…I hear this ticking sound. I hope she doesn’t do anything stupider than she’s already done.

Comment by spinner

^lol stupider?! nice word! and she probably will continue to do stupid shit because as she’s made GLARINGLY OBVIOUS to the world, she is human and definitely knows how to make mistakes. in spades! Not sure why we expect anything else, really. some people make more mistakes than others, but everyone makes them. Hopefully soon she’ll be able to admit she’s made them, and start to learn from them. *fingers crossed*

Comment by hiedi

Can’t someone give her some bad drugs so that she dies in a pool of her own vomit (and I hope she’s wearing those boots)

Comment by yeahso?


Check the dictionary before you make a comment stupider than the one above.

Comment by spinner

what is with those friggin boots…burn them already!!!

Comment by Jo-Ann

sorry heidi…I took your comment as a snide jab at me. Rereading it…I realize it was not. My apologies.

Comment by spinner

me too, spinner, i was about to drop some elbows!

Comment by lolly

She does look really cute here!! She actually looks like she did wayyy back in the baby one more time days. Adorable!! Her face has hardly aged at all. I think that Howie and her would actually make a pretty good couple. She needs a real musician unlike little wannabe rapper K-Fed.

Comment by Stephi

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