April 30, 2007, 9:09 pm
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The internet is abuzz with this photo of Britney Spears apparently gracing the upcoming issue of W magazine….

….but I smell a Photoshopping rat.


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A c’mon, that’s not Britney on the cover. Probably a model.

Comment by Shoe_freak

She looks beautiful

Comment by Starshine

I thought that was Natalie Portman. Please talk about photoshop overkill.

Comment by amara

I thought it was Natalie Portman!

Comment by Anonymous

That is natalie Portman, must be an old shot tho, she shaved her head for V for Vendetta right?

Comment by barks

whatever that concoction is, it’s def not britney and who destroyed the lovely pic of natalie.. SCARY

Comment by only.1.without.herpes


Definitely photoshopped. Look at her nose. Basically teh same as Natalies.

Comment by dana

As well as eyebrows! ^^^

Those are natalie’s eyebrows. Someone did an awful job.

Comment by dana

that is natalie portman, not britney.. put your glasses on…

Comment by sarah

ok…come on…that is NOT Britney. It is Natalie Portman. This is what Brit will do though. That’s why she keeps wearing the wigs & hats…she knows there’s a money shot when she finally reveals her head.

Comment by spinner

I really thought it was Natalie at first look…

Comment by Anony

The top picture is Britney, but the bottom is Natalie. That is what he meant about a “photoshopping rat.” It’s so similar to an old picture of Natalie.

Comment by Erica

I saw that picture at and it was posted on April 1st, which to me seemed like an April Fools joke (and probably was)

Comment by Tatiana

You can tell its Natalie without even looking at the second picture. It hardly even looks like Britney at all…the eyes possibly but that’s just about it. Nice try whoever was trying to fool everyone with this!

Comment by Stephi

That is Natalie Portman, not Britney Spears. I’m completely shocked that a “celebrity” site like this wouldn’t know the difference between two of the hottest celebrities on the planet.

Comment by Christopher

So Natalie Portman-esque!

Comment by beforesunrise

Yup. Another vote for Natalie.

Comment by karafarrah

Is this another trick to get Perez? I don’t think he’ll fall for this one again.

Comment by blake

…no this pic is me….but my hair is longer and I don’t wear hats….but I digress as oppossed to Britney who regressed..into trailer trash.

yea…bite it Britney!!! What?? I suck??? Why, THANK YOU very slut for noticing!

Comment by Toonkinstein

holy photoshop…the hairline is EXACTLY the same.

Comment by yeahso?

yeah this looks like natalie portman with britneys hair

Comment by emily

what the heck are you talking about Toonkinstein? ur wierd…

Comment by Anonymous

it’s a bad photoshop job. same eye brows, same hairline, same ears… they just added teeth and made the eyes smaller. this has to be a hoax.

Comment by dottcomm1

p.s. even the same shirt!

Comment by dottcomm1

who is it in the 1st pic?
looks nothing like Britney. at all.

Comment by krissa

Wow, I thought it was Natalie Portman, too!

Comment by Susan

yeah, Hello Natalie Portman…seriously, no one actually thinks this is Britney do they?!

Comment by steph

Britney’s the one of the above pic. The other one is Natalie, of course. And Natalie’s is the best pic.

Comment by Agustina

they tried to photoshop britney’s eyes on natalies face!

Comment by brenda

Lol who would actually believe that’s britney. please.

Comment by SAS



Comment by THE DEVIL

Im not stoned enough to even think that is the dead beat parent.

Comment by Red

Its the same EXACT shot of natalie (look at the hairline, all the hairs in the exact same place) Except some dumbass put brit’s eyes, nose, and mouth on the fugly thing.

Comment by starr

WTF?? This IS Natalie Portman! Including Natalie’s eyes, nose AND mouth (and beauty mark). I don’t see any parts that look like Britney.

Comment by 4PetesSake

some people are so stupid. READ THE DANG POST before trying to make smart-arse comments.

Comment by Anonymous

How can any of u actually believe that this is britney, worst photoshop ever

Comment by Anique

[…] W eccovi Britney Spears che fino a qualche giorno fa stava in manicomio credendo di essere l’anticristo e si […]

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