April 30, 2007, 8:01 pm
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Presidential hopeful Democratic Sen. Barack Obama enjoys a performance by musical icon Steve Wonder at the First AME Church yesterday in Los Angeles.


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Comment by anonymous

He’s too new, too young, too inexperienced, and he was raised muslim but denies ties to it now… shady

Comment by anonymous

^ That’s simply not true. Early in his campaign he replied in an interview that he was raised by a muslim mother christian father (or the other way around, not sure). It’s not the ties to Islam that make him shady, it’s his ties to the Council on Foreign Relations (read shadow government).

Comment by lolly

The ‘new’ and ‘inexperienced’ comments are exactly how my family feels about Obama for 2008. His book is fantastic (read it if you haven’t)… but my family is leaning towards Hilary.

Comment by Aysla

you guys vote as a family unit?
what happens if one of you strays?
what would happen if you liked guiliani of g-d forbid, a republican?

interesting stuff.

btw, his dad was muslim and that makes him a muslim by sharia law…meaning, if he has converted away from islam (which he has…to a black seperatist church)…he’ll have his head cut off as payment if the islamicists get him.
especially with that haircut and eyebrow tweezing which is now illegal in iran and paliland.

now go back to sleep. we’re the bad guys.
sweet dreams.

Comment by adam

Comment by lolly 04.30.07 @ 8:46 pm

Hi lolly!! You are right on the money about this one.

Comment by spinner

well i was raised by a muslim father and a christian mother which led to my sister and i being very open-minded and respectful towards others beliefs (and not ‘shady’ in the least).

and adam i thought his father was from kenya. so nice to get the jab in against the middle east but barack is AMERICAN so its completely arbitrary.

Comment by SAS

NO, NO, NO, he is not ready to be President. He’s only been a Senator for two years!

And besides, he is owned by Oprah!!! Yeach!!

Comment by oh no

Mickey damn Mouse couldn’t do a measure worse than what’s there now! Sorry, but Obama is just as capable standing or falling no less than the one others took a chance on not once but twice.

Comment by Trinidad

You people who are saying he’s too young are dumb asses. George Bush and Dick Cheyney are EXTREMELY experienced – where the hell has that gotten this country? So much for experience. More like extremely experienced at fucking over a nation and the world.

Comment by supernova

so true trinidad and supernova! well said.

Comment by Anonymous

Comment by adam 04.30.07 @ 9:34 pm

Eh? Well… I guess I really meant just me and my dad ;). We share similar political views- can’t help it.

Comment by Aysla

Aysla, I hear you. Actually it’s too early and people are rightfully divided on the three leading democrats – Hillary is definately a strong contender (like her or not) and has the political savvy and Edwards is harmless and wreaks of hope (bless his heart) – it’s going to be reeeally interesting as it is definately any man’s (or woman’s) game now.

Comment by supernova

Hilary wins, i’m packing up and moving to Canada.

Comment by lolly

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