April 30, 2007, 2:49 pm
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Elisabeth Hasselbeck, the token neoconservative nut on ABC’s ‘The View,’ is pregnant with her second child and is due in November.

The 29-year-old reality contestant-turned-television host will announce her baby news on the show today.

She and her NFL Quarterback hubby Tim Hasselbeck will celebrate their five-year anniversary in July.

Congratulations…I guess.


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they look like pretty boring people

Comment by tez

I’d take boring 8 days a week over the other 20-somethings we usually hear about (Lindsey, Britney, Paris etc).

This will be yet another seat Barbara has to fill during sweeps in Novemeber.

Comment by Barks

Ridiculous, I don’t even think I have to mention what it is, right liberals?

Comment by Abraham Lincoln

People should have to pass a test in order to have children.

A few possible questions:
1). Will you be making the world a better place, or a scarier place?
2). Do your political views make others feel they are on the wrong side of 1984 (the book, not the year)?
3). Do you refuse to acknowledge that Global Warming is a true threat to the future of the planet?

All I have to say is “ew”.

Comment by anon.

How stupid. You call her the devil because she has different political views then you?? Such hate in you for anyone who may think differently instead of embracing what all Dems preach about “diversity” and “open mindedness”. Hypocrite. Really mature.

Comment by Anonymous

wait… who called her the devil? way to read into it.

Comment by Anonymous

look at the title

Comment by Anonymous

I don’t really mind Elizabeth. I think people are kinda rude towards her…I mean she is just voicing her opinion like everyone is on the show. If you don’t agree with it it doesn’t mean you have to hate her and say nasty things about it…just disagree with her.

Comment by Stephi

Elizabeth ROCKS regardless of her political views. Besides, she survived Rosie-and for that she deserves credit.

Comment by dlc

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