May 1, 2007, 3:10 pm
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Tom Cruise and one-time enemy Brooke Shields have buried the hatchet, or so it seems, as the two were reportedly seen dining together in Sin City, Las Vegas with their spouses.

Tom and his wife, Katie Holmes, were seen at SW Steakhouse at Wynn with Brooke and TV writer husband Chris Henchy, reports Page Six.

Later, Tom, who had earlier slammed Brooke for taking pharma drugs to counter postpartum depression, accompanied the group to a private gaming room.

TomKat and their daughter Suri were also present at first birthday celebrations of Brooke’s daughter, Grier.

 And, yes, it’s a painfully slow news day.  Bear with me, people.


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I’m surprised….did Tom ever apologize for opening his fat mouth when he’s never had a fucking baby and the hormones that go with it?

OK, I’ve HAD it. No more typing my full name- it’s me, guys.

Comment by PSL

she’s pathetic. so much for speaking up about ppd. her case just went down the toilet by accepting that wacko into her home. watch – she’ll beam up soon, too.

Comment by dottcomm1

I think their “friendship” is nothing more than both of them trying to convert the other to their understanding.

He’s right in psychiatric drugs are truly over prescribed, especially for children. She’s also right though, sometimes there is no way to help people without the help of drugs. The truth lies somewhere in the middle, maybe they’re finding it together?

And PSL, I type my info once a day then every time I post its still there. Is this something you can get your computer to do?

Comment by Barks

I agree Barks, that meds are over prescribed for everything (Um, “restless leg syndrome” anyone?)
But, as someone who has battled Depression her whole life, I couldn’t live without my meds. I have tried to go off twice, and I am ok for a while, then it is just a downward spiral of crying over EVRYTHING. They also helped me beat bulimia….so I am ALL for meds.

No Barks, there is nothing I can do! GRRRRRR

Comment by PSL

psl – welcome to the club! without antidepressants, i could never get out of bed. i tried to go off them, too, but it was a mess.

Comment by dottcomm1

PSL do you have your browser set to delete your cookies? cuz i changed mine to delete and now have to retype everytime, whereas before it stayed.

Comment by lolly

PSL…yes Tom apologized, with flowers and in person shortly after the babies were born. Every one was too busy with their hate for the man they didn’t pay attention.

Comment by audrey

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