May 1, 2007, 4:55 pm
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Burlesque queen Dita Von Teese closed Australian Fashion Week at Sydney’s Museum of Contemporary Art today by stripping to her corset and riding a giant bucking lipstick “bronco” shipped in for the occasion.

It’s unlikely, however, that anyone of her hand-picked audience of 200 VIPs batted an eyelid.  Most were still recovering from Sunday night’s Australian MTV Video Music Awards.


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one word: overprocessed

Comment by dana

Am I the only one who doesn’t get the fascination with this woman? Is she famous for anything?

Someone please enlighten me on what makes her a celebrity.

Comment by The Beautiful One

She is a refreshing alternative to the fake-baked, dyed blonde bimbos. Those who like the 40’s glamour can truly identify with her. Her shows are a lot of fun and theatrical. However, she’s over-exposed, hypocritical and lacks substance other than her classic glamour looks.

Comment by Princess of Darkness

Beautiful One—I totally agree. I understand the “alternative to fake blonde” but we’ve seen this look 10,000 times before. Isn’t there an original alternative? She looks like any number of knock-offs from the ‘swing’ dancing revival of a few years back…only she takes her clothes off when she dances. One trick pony as far as I’m concerned.

Comment by lola lola

^ lola lola…it is hard to be original when it’s all been done before. As has been said…there is nothing new under the sun.

Comment by spinner

She is a slightly less attractive version of Demi Moore. And I’m not sayin that DM is anything to look at, either.

Comment by just me

You’re all crazy, Dita is hot. She’s a classic beauty. Demi Moore is a dog, if I ever needed to induce vomiting I’d look at a picture of her.
Those Veronica’s too. I hate them, they are NOT talented and NOT good looking…

Comment by Steph

they’re looking like wax figures in the first pic!

Comment by Etoile

I agree with Beautiful..what IS she famous for??? red lipstick and pale skin???

Comment by Kathy

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