May 1, 2007, 3:35 pm
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More over Kate Moss — there’s a new celebrity fashion designer in town.

British import Lilly Allen is set to launch a rival clothing line next week through high street store New Look.

Staying true to her outspoken public persona, Lilly tells the Mirror of Kate’s new line: “I’ve seen a couple of pieces – they look cool. Would I wear them? Me, personally? I don’t think I’d fit in them.”


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as much as i can’t stand her personality (love her music), i actually like the dresses. fun and funky!

Comment by dottcomm1

Lily is cute, but she’ll never impact fashion the way kate has. Kate’s a fucking icon.

Comment by PSL

Yeah, Kate’s an icon but she’s been around for 10 years or more….she wasn’t an icon when she started. She was the poster child for Heroin chic…anywhoo, I do Lilly’s dresses though..they look like fun

Comment by lola lola

yeah i like them dresses, there pretty cute, and more importantly wearable if your over a size zero!

Comment by Anonymous

PSL, I see you’re tired of writing your full name, LOL!! Hey Arasto, when is the new layout coming out??

As for Lily Allen, I love her dresses. I would definitely buy them. I wonder if they would be sold in Canada…

Comment by Maximum Big Surprise

Awwwwwww Lily Allen ROCKS!!!!!! Please More Pix!

Comment by Britney Back!!!

Lily is a breath of fresh air!!

Comment by spinner

The red dress is really pretty. Her stuff seems practical (like anyone could wear in in their normal life).

Comment by The Beautiful One

Love the dresses!!

Comment by Anonymous

I love Lily and I adore those dresses

Comment by mee

Lily, you are adorable… keep it up!

Comment by whatever

Lily Allen is just another alternative trendtracker like Avril.

Comment by steph


Comment by Lily Allen=GOD

i can’t stand lily allen’s personality, and i hate these dresses, but her music can be pretty cool. she should stick to that

Comment by sigh

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