May 1, 2007, 3:21 am
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GARCELLE BEAUVAIS-NILON showed some leg in a Geren Ford dress at the People magazine Grammy bash in West Hollywood. Meanwhile, TIFFANI THIESSEN looked simply delicious in silky chocolate brown at the recent Grand Prix Charity Gala in Las Vegas.


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Garcelle. I’m sure black woman hating Stephi aka Princess Yasmeen will say otherwise.

Comment by Ice Queen

Excuse me? Black woman hating? And Princess Yasmeen? What the hell are you talking about? I actually think that Gracelle wins by a mile. I would appreciate if you didn’t call me racist in the future thanks.

Comment by Stephi

^Yeah… that was uncalled for.

Garcelle is beautiful, but I really don’t like the color of the dress (and the velvet-y looking quality to it)… and the shoes are pretty atrocious. Tiffani looks nice except for the earthy brown tones overload (hair, dress, clutch, fake tan).

Comment by Aysla

i just looked it up and Garcelle is 40!! dang she shows up everyone

Comment by oceana

Garcelle……and who the fuck is picking on Stephi with that PY shit?

Stephi, Princess Yasmeen used to post some really obnoxious shit here…..but we haven’t heard from her in a LONG time, thanksfully.

Stephi is one of the nicest posters here- she hardly ever has anything mean to say about ANYONE! In fact, she gets a lot of shit for being so fucking nice….lol

Even tho we don’t see eye to eye a lot Stephi, you know who the “regulars” back you up….

Comment by parissucksliterally

Garcelle: the color’s complements her, and her legs are nicer – but I do think that dress looked better before, when it was a pillowcase.

Comment by Kidge

Parissucks, actually, I think Stephi is a closet racist. She makes sly little comments that may come off as nice but they’re really mean if you think about it.
I haven’t posted on here in a long time because I felt like I was personally attacking a couple of people on here and I had to step back and realize it just wasn’t that serious.

Anyway, Garcelle gets my vote. She has killer legs and the color isn’t a run-of-the-mill color so I’m sure she stood out a little.

Comment by The Beautiful One

Garcelle is FAB…she looks the best..yeah she is 40, black dont crack!! 🙂

Comment by Ebony

Thats funny The Beautiful One, I have never ever thought that about any of Stephi’s posts. Perhaps you misinterpreted something. What are you even referring to? I agree with parissucks, usually she’s so saccharine sweet I imagine she still has stuffed animals at the end of her bed (no offence Stephi!). Hardly strikes me as the racist type! Dont worry Stephi, people who read this blog regularly and know you wont listen to this moron.

Comment by louise

i think garcelle’s dress looks better on her.

Comment by thighmegatampon

Woww I really apologize if anyone was offended by something I might have said. I definately do not consider myself rascist and in fact I have friends from many different races etc. I don’t really feel like I need to defend myself but I do apologize if anyone was offended 🙂
Thanks to yall who backed me up and sorry if I give some of you a toothache with my ‘sweetness’. And PS louise I actually do have a couple of stuffed animals lol

Comment by Stephi

Who the hell is Princess Yasmeen?

Comment by Sarah

the first woman wins- only because of the colour- i think the actual dress is hideous and unflattering on both.

i cannot believe someone would interpret stephi’s comments as racist! i mean just cos she doesn’t like beyonce.. (LOL) keep doing your thing mate- dont worry bout insecure ppl.

Comment by SAS

Garcelle owns it

Comment by June

Haha Stephi, I knew it! Dont apologise for being sweet, it makes a refreshing change from all the bitchiness around here.

Comment by louise

Stephi don’t worry about the haters! And Ice Queen I recommend you read Stephi’s posts with an Aussie accent (Stephi’s Australian right?) it will make ANYTHING sound less offensive! Especially if it wasn’t to begin with!

Comment by Me

Oh and Garcelle looks great in the velour potato sack!

Comment by Me

Oh please. I don’t give a f what you people say. She is a bitch and is constantly talking shit on black women on this website. And I know she is Princess Yasmeen too. You people are so fucking stupid, I swear. I can say what the hell I want and there ain’t shit you can do about it.

Comment by Ice Queen

I am pretending Ice Queen no longer exists, I suggest anyone with a brain does the same. Just out of curiousity, are the people who comment here mostly Australian, or American? I’m a Sydney gal.

Comment by louise

tiffani wins i think

and im canadian 🙂

Comment by kali

Ice Queen, who is Princess Yasmeen?

Is she a celebrity? I don’t get it. Is she like Queen Latifah or something like that?

Comment by Sarah

Princess Yasmeen used to post on Faded Youth. I have not seen her on here in some time. Personally, I think some one is impersonating Ice Queen in this thread. And Stephi has not & does not make racist remarks.

Comment by spinner

There are internet trolls everywhere including this site. So while sometimes it may say a person has posted it is in fact not that person at all. Ice QUEEN/ PRINCESS Yasmeen hmmmmmmmm coincidence? Maybe. Just saying is all. And I have always disliked Tiffany Amber Theissen…no reason she just bugs the heck out of me. So Gracelle wins.

Comment by audrey

Wasn’t there a troll around here not too long ago? S/he kept impersonating other posters and posting racist remarks (I think it was in the Madonna/David Banda thread). Maybe that’s PY…? Hm.

Anyway, I live in the U.S.-naturalized but with dual citizenship… which makes me a hyphenated American ;).

Comment by Aysla


i *heart* 90210

Comment by sigh

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