May 1, 2007, 4:34 pm
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After snubbing fans at the Sydney International Airport when she refused to sign autographs or have her picture taken with admirers, Nicole Richie, rocking a very low cut tank, made up for her celebrity mistep by taking time out of her busy socialite schedule today to pose with fans while leaving her uber luxe hotel room.


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what has she done to have “fans”?


love the bitch, but please!

Comment by PSL

Poor girl is almost bald 😦

She needs to pick up a fork again or soon it will be a nasal drip.

Hey PSL!

Comment by B :)


She is definitely going bald. UGH!! Evidently being stick thin is more important than having hair. Idiot!!

Comment by spinner

I agree – why do we have to look at her scrawny frame every day? She’s worthless.

Comment by Susan

eek. flat chests work really well with a lot of looks but this is NOT ONE. no one wants to see that many bones in the morning.

Comment by SAS

her chest is soooooo bony that is scary: cover your bones!

Comment by THE DEVIL

so glad i live in Brisbane and don’t have to worry about seeing her!

Comment by steph

I really don’t like her after the leaked paris tapes fiasco and then the whole being famous for nothing other than simply being famous, rich and a popular singer’s daughter. I prefer celebs that have SOME smidge of talent to offer, Nicole only goes around calling people “bitch” and thinking she’s hilarious. Pass please.

Oh, and I’m going to echo the balding and bony comments… health is more important than looks!

Comment by Aysla

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Comment by Nick

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