May 1, 2007, 2:02 pm
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The Victoria’s Secret catalog just got a whole lot uglier.

Gisele Bundchen is set to turn in her wings as Vicki S. top angel, confirmed her very own sister, to a Brazilian website. Apparently the hot body thought she was worth a cool five mil a year — the lingerie company disagreed.

“Her demands were outrageous. She got a new lawyer who was unrealistic,” a source told Page Six. “Victoria’s Secret doesn’t care. They have five new hotter, younger girls debuting next year. And they won’t have to deal with any craziness.”

Poor Gisele will now have to take comfort in the other 28 lucrative modeling contracts she has hooked up. If that doesn’t work, I’ve heard that into the arms of Patriots quarterback Tom Brady is a nice place to fall.


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Milking the cow!!!

Comment by the devil


Comment by Red

Don’t you think she’s going to completely freak when Tom’s baby is born? She just seems like the type that doesn’t want the spotlight off of her.

Comment by Barks

Giselle is the hottest……and I don’t think she has to worry about $$$.

Victoria’s Secret stuff falls apart anyway…and their bras don’t fit me well. I started going to Bloomingdale’s for my bras last year.

Comment by PSL

^ It’s true; Victoria’s Secret lingerie is really awful…I mean, who shops there anyway?

None of their other models have the total package like Giselle…I think they’re going to regret this decision. Apart from Klum, a lot of the other models seem too sleazy…

Comment by mm

Giselle is hot. I think Victoria’s Secret should have paid her what she asked.. she’s their most recognizable face now that Tyra is gone and she is probably the reason they continue to do well. What teenage girl doesn’t want to be as hot as Giselle? (adult women know that VS sells crap and they’re only good for the 5 for $25 everyday panties).

Comment by The Beautiful One

hmm … i mean, previously she had a 3 year contract worth $35 million so i don’t see the logic in them not paying her $5 million / year …

Comment by jen

boo hoo…. call me when ADRIANNA leaves!?!?

Comment by Anonymous

i’m pretty sure that miranda kerr is one of the hotter, younger girls they’re talking about and she is way hotter than gisele.

good on VS for not caving to an over inflated ego.

Comment by SAS

I’m gonna go for Alessandra being one of the heir’s to gisele’s throne.

VS > Gisele.

Comment by Paolo

gisele > all other models

Comment by sigh

SAS, i don’t see the appeal of miranda kerr. sure she looks like a babydoll with the dimples and blue eyes, but she doesn’t have that ‘model’ look. she’s kind of cute, but not hot.

to me she’ll always be the girl with the braces on the front of dolly

Comment by sigh

Good ridance to the sleaze bag. I am tired of seeing her transvestite face all over the place. This woman is a crazy, lying biatch.

Comment by Anon

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