May 1, 2007, 2:16 pm
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‘Spider-Man 3’ had it’s big splashy American premiere at the Tribeca Film Festival in New York City last night. It’s all part of the city’s big Spider-Man week, in honour of the release of the third film from America’s favorite superhero. Sorry Batman. Parker has you beat.

The event was, as usual, a glitzy, star-studded affair with the entire cast and crew of the film there to walk the red carpet and attend a series of after-parites. We’ve got pictures from the night, showing off Kirsten Dunst, Tobey Maguire, James Franco, and the rest of the Spidey gang enjoying their celebrity.


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Like her make up!

Comment by the devil

WTF is Tobey’s fiance wearing?????????????

Comment by hotbitch

kiki sort of looks like cameron diaz on the first pic

Comment by cat

I covet this outfit. She looks hot!

Comment by louise

Do you think Kirstin Dunst has ever seen an issue of Vogue or Harpers Bizarre, or has ever caught an episode of ‘what not to wear’? Her head/hair looks hot but she has shocking fashion sense.

Comment by steph

Well steph, you are obviously not a reader of Harper’s Bazaar, because you dont even know how to spell it! I get so annoyed with people bagging her fashion sense- she is one of the most fashion forward risk taking hollywood girls around. Her mistake is wearing what the masses will not understand- she is critisized by those who follow trends, rather than create them. But whats so ironic in this instance, is that in these pictures she is combining a lot of trends directly from magazines like Vogue! Silver (the biggest trend of all), opaque black tights, black platform pumps- totally fashionable right now. You people are crazy! You all hate Dunst for no apparrent reason -like sheep you all repeat one another’s insults.

Comment by louise

this is kirstin’s best look so far during these spiderman premieres.

Comment by EAT IT

i personally don’t like the silver trend coming out right now, and i hate kirstens stupid poncho dress thing. it’s like they got a piece of foil and cut a hole for her head.

Comment by sigh

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