May 1, 2007, 1:46 pm
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In what I can only imagine is some dangerous, misguided attempt to compete with the Rosie Quits/Hasselbeck Baby headline-making going on over at ‘The View’, fellow talker host Ellen DeGeneres injured her back — badly, it would seem — over the weekend, and as a result will conduct her Q&As this week lying down in a hospital bed posited center stage on ‘The Ellen DeGeneres Show.’

Among the guests being chatted up by the lying-down Ellen are Ryan Seacrest (on today) and Lindsay Lohan (on tomorrow).

Ellen is expected to disclose on air exactly how this unfortunate, unfortunate sweeps twist came to be.


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hmmm…I wasn’t aware that she needed to pull stunts for ratings. She’s funny as hell, and I think she simply hurt her back. Nothing devious going on.

Comment by hiedi

Ellen’s a trooper. Leave her alone.

Comment by Tammie

i like ellen.i think its a pretty cool idea!

Comment by l

Ellen’s ratings aren’t really that high. It’s just that she promotes herself well. I totally think this is all a sweeps stunt. I read on one blog that TMZ was able to have the pix of her in the bed because they are produced by the same people!!!

Comment by Britta

She already has revealed that it was done when she picked up her dog.

Comment by Erica

She doesn’t need to use gimmicks to bump her rating. She’s funny, it’s just a funny thing she’s doing for the show. Like her dancing at the beginning of her show.

Comment by anatomy of me

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