May 1, 2007, 6:45 pm
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CLICK HERE to check out Kelly Clarkson‘s new video for ‘Never Again‘ off her upcoming album, ‘My December.’

In the video, directed by Joseph Kahn last month at an L.A. airport, Kelly haunts her ex.  It’s chilling.

She recently told MTV, “Not to get all artsy-fartsy, but I’m all in white, everything is in white, because it’s been ripped of innocence.” 


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Sorry, but who ever told Kelly that she could write songs was sadly mistaken. This song sucks, and her singing had turned into screaming all the time also.

Comment by horrible song

That was a pretty kick ass video – -and it has meaning.

sure wish I could “scream” like that!!
Bitch has got some vocals!………….

I love her.

Comment by Red

Um, this song has already been done. Try Alanis Morrisette’s “You Oughta Know.” THAT was a great song. This one is a very poor, very bland imitation. I hope KC comes out with something original next time.

Comment by nottonitehoney

I dont see how they even compare…..

You outta know, first off she WASNT DEAD etc………

‘Nuff said.

Comment by Red

I am so tired of all Kelly’s songs sounding like the same old Jr high school crap. Move on already! She thinks she is a rocker…all she is though is a wanna be rocker. Ugh, I am so over her.

Comment by MyOMy

“everything is in white, because it’s been ripped of innocence” – That doesn’t make sense. White is the color of innocence. I could see everything being white because it was stripped of joy or feeling or life, but not innocence.

Comment by Pin

she looks like crap. NEXT!

Comment by dottcomm1

Wow, lots of Kelly haters. I like her! I think she is original and does not seem to stress about fitting some cookie cutter image. Her voice rocks even though this song is not the best she has ever written.

Comment by my2cents

my2, I just think that Kelly is just overplayed on radio and people are just getting sick of her. Hey, it happens.

Comment by Mary

awe dangit, i don’t have sound on this computer, but i think she looks great, and the video *looked* cool. i agree with my2cents, i love that she doesn’t fit the cookie cutter image.

PS i don’t think it’s just kelly haters today, i think the commenters lately have just been really harsh, negative and nasty in general.

Comment by lolly

i’ve been feeling that lately as well lolly.

however i have to agree with them here- kelly is overplayed.

Comment by SAS

i like kelly altho i think it’s funny she’s considered ‘rock n roll’. it’s a cool video and i love the way she sings.

Comment by EAT IT

i love kelly! i love that she’s not too bubblegum, but not too wannabe like avril. she’s just right. and she can sing!

Comment by sigh

I think Kelly is Overhyped, overplayed and she sounds terrible live. I have yet to hear her sing without singing flat or screechy. yet noone can say anything bad about her because her fans come up with an excuse for her always sounding off and out of key. pro-tooling on her CD’s for sure. (NASCAR, early news/eant.shows point in case would be the ELLEN show, and every other live show she on.)what happened to her soaring voice? it’s crap now.

Comment by meee too

meee too, i would like to see you sing live. difficult hearing yourself over thousands of people screaming. I do agree that it is important to have a good live singing voice, but you don’t have to slam her. it’s a hard thing to do. I’m not a kelly fan, but i AM a fan of this song. I used to hate Breakaway because it was being played so much. At that time, i was so annoyed with her. I’ve not fallen on my face for her, but this is a good song. I also don’t see similarities with Alanis.

Comment by Mel

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