May 2, 2007, 7:32 pm
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Or CLICK HERE to go to the new Faded Youth Blog site.


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Comment by Pin

ahh! fix yourself! don’t make me abandon this site ’cause it can’t get its shit together.

Comment by martking

Just how long does it take to make a site over??????? You said a long time ago that the new site was “Coming Soon” and it still hasn’t came! Come on, Arasto, don’t lose readers, get your page fixed and step on it!

I am waiting a while before I check it again, I am tired of seeing this boring look you have going. Ta Ta for a while!

Comment by southern girl

wtf? its the same fucking site? the link directs you to um the SITE WE ARE ALREADY AT

fuck this place- amateur

Comment by estupido

this sucks

Comment by Kathy

dude. get it together. the link brings you back to the same page.

Comment by dudette

Not a problem for me. I found you, I won’t lose you. Thanks for trying Arasto. Hope to keep seeing my friends!

Comment by candyapple

kay calm your shit people, this is run by one guy…cut him some slack, he has a life outside of this

Comment by jen

I don`t get it too? It links back to the “temporary site”.

Comment by iliana

well being only ONE person, he should be able to handle it

he cant have 1/16 the traffic the other sites have

Comment by estupido

Wow … people are getting vicious. This site is free. You do nothing but click a button to enjoy the efforts of another. Where does this sense of entitlement come from?
Why don’t you whip up your own gossip site?

Comment by Pin

Wow, stupido really describes you perfectly!

Great Site.

Comment by jenna

what the fuck……i keep trying to get to your “new” site and i can’t it keeps sending me back to this pos…..my bro can get it on his comp…..what the hell…..get this shit linked up i usually love this site, but am getting tired of the games

Comment by B

okay….i am having issues with this new site thing….you think it would be easy since the supposed link is right there….but i CAN NOT get to this new site…..all my other friends can get on it…..can anyone help me….when i click on the link or type it into the address bar i come right back here….it sucks…..HELP…..


heyhey… do this, it worked for me (finally!).

do not forget to type in the www.
have fun!

Comment by icequeen

Is this gonna Kill You? No i Dont Think so !

Comment by black_mamba

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