April 18, 2007, 1:52 pm
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Larry Birkhead and daughter Dannielynn (Smith?) are featured on the cover and inside the latest issue of British OK!, on newsstands Friday.

Larry on Howard K Stern: “People blame him a lot, but Anna had her own mind too. She had a choice and we were arguing and that’s what happens. I’m thankful that everyone can get along for Dannielynn. How could you not? It seems unlikely, but he’s been a great help. He’s been with Dannielynn the last several months. He knows her likes and dislikes and things that could help me. He gives me credit when I’m doing good things and gives me tips on things I should do a little different.”Larry on Virgie Authur: “It’s puzzling for her to display affection to me and then for the attorneys to say she’s going for custody and Larry was just a sperm donor and a one-night stand. Then they all come and shake my hand. You’ve gotta scratch your head and say, `What’s going on here?’ I’m willing to listen to see what people want, but that doesn’t mean I’m going to agree. I hope I don’t have to fight for the baby.”

Larry on Dannielynn’s health: “The doctors say she’s fine and has met all of her developmental milestones. She’s a really curious, alert baby.”

A representative for OK! – which pays for its exclusive interviews – wouldn’t disclose the terms of its deal with Birkhead.


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Remember when he stated that he wants to do Annas wishes? Then in the same breath he wants Annas mother to be a grandma?—-What a nut! That wasnt ever Annas wishes!
That baby so PRETTY! That is one that I would adopt 😉

Comment by Red

Beautiful baby, tragic story.

Comment by ...

Way cute.

Comment by Anonymous

I find it disturbing how much they photoshopped him…

Comment by Anonymous

Wow. That baby really does look like him. Glad the baby is with her real parent rather than HKS that evil snake. We all KNOW he’s behind the selling of Anna’s diaries.

Comment by lola lola

The third pic creeps me out for some reason. How much money did he get paid for these pics. I just find this whole friggen thing to be sad.

Comment by any mouse

The kid is so photoshopped in the 2nd pic.

Comment by Alex

the last pic is creepy, why did he take his shirt off??

Comment by starr

i agree. the nekkidness is creepadelic

Comment by candy

What a beautiful baby! I hope that she can finally find some stability, love and nurturing in her life. Good luck, Larry – take good care of that baby!

Comment by CB

That bottom pic looks like he has no neck, you’d think a pro photographer would know better.

Comment by Barks

^well, even though he’s a pro, he wasn’t the one who took the picture and probably didn’t have any say in how the shot was framed. also, who knows what was done by the editors. Often pics are cropped and don’t turn out the way you plan after a photo editor does their “magic.”

Comment by a photojournalist

This dude pisses me off “Anna would be so happy for us” NO SHE WOULDN”T

Comment by lolly

Oh that last picture is simply to beautiful for words! I feel so bad that she won’t know her mom, but I’m glad she seem to have Larry now, and had Howard before. If Howard had not been there, that precious boo would be in Vergie’s possession, and just a little ATM machine full of cash for granny to withdraw from at whim.

Comment by Trinidad

woah, cut me off (please new site be ready soon)

If anna had wanted Larry to raise DL, she would have said HE was the father, he would have been on the birth certificate….for him to allow virgie around the baby is an abomination. an ABOMINATION!

Comment by lolly

Wow, great pics especially the one with her sucking her thumb.
That precious baby looks just like him – can’t deny that.

Comment by OhHellNo!

Trinidad – did you just call her a boo? wtf….

Comment by starr

the baby is so cute. does larry really need to be shirtless in the last pic?

Comment by thighmegatampon

These photos are adorable! I really beleive that he wants to be a good father to this baby, before any of the money issues come into it. I’m sure he has thought about that but I honestly think being her father comes first to him. I think he should be wary of Howard though, he doesn’t seem like a very trustworthy guy to me and I’m sure he has a hidden agenda for being nice to Larry.

Comment by Stephi

wtf, what would be the problem with boo? What are you trying to say?

Comment by Trinidad

^^starr, I mistakenly addressed you as wtf thinking that was your name. I guess I didn’t look further after “wtf”. It was not on purpose.

Comment by Trinidad

She’s so cute

Comment by happy

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